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The story in Lost Ark's world doesn't even compete


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Cosmetics can be enjoyable. Many people complain that Korean MMOs are notorious for breaking their immersion in the world by selling ridiculous skins, but there's no way anyone enjoys this game solely for its immersion. You can just enjoy the absurdity of being aware that everyone who walks by  wearing a mokoko or animal skin is underneath either a steroid-infused giga-chad or a supermodel in stilettos and high heels, sporting authentic lingerie. If you've been hankering for TERA's ridiculous cosmetics and gizmos, then Lost Ark might fill that the void.

If you don't get caught up in the FOMO of rushing to the final game, the game is very comfortable and casual. Make sure you are aware that this is a linear game, so most people are relaxing in the final areas while the initial game is infested with bots, so you may think that the game is empty in these areas.

I've never played GW2. but I've heard it is focused on horizontal play, which is the exact opposite of Lost Ark. There are things to do that don't require to climb up the vertical ladder However, the horizontal elements tend to be very minimal for Lost Ark.

Comparing to FF14. The story in Lost Ark's world doesn't even compete. If you're interested in the world, story, and immersion then Lost Ark isn't the game for you. Combat is where the game shines.

Addressing the specific MMOs listed in detail:

PSO2 NGS just doesn't do it for me anymore. Classic was more fun for me. Yes, NGS is adding more content which is good however, timed trials aren't really my type of finale in the present. Class design, I thought that I would like it as I was for a few minutes, but it's just not the same as it was. It's definitely improved but there are limitations for  me. My personal goal was make the biggest, most offensive CAST I could and...I achieved it, which is a shame, as developers would rather create clothes for meat bags than glorious CAST parts.


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